Sell Genuine Microsoft Windows Licenses to your Existing Customers & get recognized by Microsoft too

Having recognized as a “Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher” we are the Master Distributor for supplying “Microsoft Operating Systems Software’s” for existing Computers at extremely Low Prices. We are looking to appoint reseller like you as TPR’s, after which you too can sell Genuine Windows Licenses to your customers.

What is TPR?

A Third Party Refurbisher (TPR), also called a Third Party Installer (TPI), is a computer refurbisher who partners with a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) to obtain and deploy Official Microsoft Products, like Windows 10, Windows 11, on refurbished computers and tablets. This partnership allows the TPR to legally acquire and install the necessary Microsoft software on the refurbished devices, ensuring that the end-users receive a fully functional and licensed product.

The TPR plays a crucial role in the refurbishment process, working closely with the MAR to provide customers with high-quality, affordable, and legally compliant refurbished technology solutions.

Benefits of becoming a Third Party Refurbisher


Becoming a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) enhances your brand’s recognition and status among resellers, end-users, and IT asset disposition (ITAD) customers. This prestigious designation signifies that your refurbished devices meet Microsoft’s stringent quality standards, thus building trust and credibility.

It distinguishes your products in the marketplace, assuring customers of the reliability and performance of the refurbished PCs you offer.

Cost-Effective Licenses

As a MAR, you gain access to cost-effective licensing options for installing genuine Windows 10/11 operating systems on refurbished PCs. This advantage allows you to offer high-quality, licensed software at a lower cost, adding significant value to your refurbished products.

It makes your offerings more attractive to cost-conscious customers while ensuring they receive legitimate and secure software.

Enhancing Customer Experience & Piracy Reduction

Digital licensing transformation provides a seamless and improved customer experience by simplifying the activation process. It helps in reducing software piracy by ensuring that all installed operating systems are genuine and properly licensed. This not only enhances the user experience but also fosters trust and long-term customer relationships.

‘Brand’ the Devices

You have the opportunity to brand your refurbished devices with the Genuine Microsoft Refurbisher Label (GMRL). This label is a mark of authenticity and quality, signifying that the device has been refurbished to Microsoft’s high standards.

It helps in differentiating your products from non-certified refurbishers, giving your customers confidence in their purchase.

Technical Trainings

As a MAR, you gain access to specialized technical training and tools provided by Microsoft. These resources are designed to simplify and enhance the deployment process of Windows operating systems on refurbished PCs. The training ensures that your technical team is well-equipped to handle the refurbishing process efficiently, thereby improving the overall quality of your refurbished products.

Syndicated web content

You can leverage syndicated web content provided by Microsoft to promote your refurbished offerings. This content is professionally crafted to highlight the benefits and features of your refurbished devices, helping you reach a broader audience. It can be used on your website, social media, and other marketing channels to attract potential customers and drive sales.

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